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Zentry Snap & Break-Secure Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

· Do You recognise the lock above?

· Do You have one or more of these in your home or business?

· Do you know that most of these locks have a flaw and represent the biggest threat to your security?

· Your home or business may be at risk if you have not replaced these locks within the past two years.


The Problem

It is not commonly known that the euro cylinder controls the complete locking mechanism in your door and when bypassed the security provided by the door is eliminated.

Thieves can break into your home or business within a matter of seconds by simply applying enough force to the cylinder lock usually with a pair of mole grips or a claw hammer and snapping it (also called barrel popping) at its weakest point in the centre. Once snapped, the central cam of the door cylinder comes away leaving the internal mechanism of the door lock vulnerable to attack. This flaw occurs in most euro profile cylinders and it is only in recent years that the problem has been recognised and steps taken to overcome it.

Door cylinder snapping has increased dramatically throughout Ireland during 2010/11 and is now recognised as the main way burglars are attacking homes and businesses. Most doors when purchased contain cheap euro profile cylinders that cost the manufacturer less than €7 and these are generally incapable of withstanding aggressive attack from burglars. If you have Upvc, aluminium, composite or timber doors in your home or apartment and the euro cylinder has not been replaced within the past two years, it will need immediate replacing with a cylinder approved to combat ' snapping'.

The Solution:

Zentry Snap & Break Secure & Anti-Bump Cylinders

In recent years many new snap resistant door cylinders have become available and most of these try to stop the burglar snapping the cylinder. However, when increased force is used by criminals it is virtually impossible to stop any cylinder snapping in the centre and this allows access to the internal mechanism of your lock.

The Zentry euro cylinder was therefore designed with this problem in mind and contains special built in patented ' Break and Snap Secure' technology that retains the cam solidly in position once the cylinder is snapped. The cylinder therefore keeps the burglar out and in the vast majority of cases can still be operated from the inside of the property, even after the external portion has been removed. The attacker is then faced with no way of gaining access to the door lock.

Keyed Alike

  • If you have numerous cylinder locks throughout your home or business it is possible for us to replace these cylinders and provide you with one key that will fit all of these locks.
  • Now is the time to protect your home and valuables by replacing your existing cylinder locks!

    Measuring your existing cylinder after removing it from the door:

    The size of the cylinder you will need is determined by the thickness of the door and handle combination. For this reason there are many sizes available and you will need to be careful that you measure the cylinder accurately (one size will not fit all).

    It is possible to measure a door cylinder in the door, but to be sure it's best to remove it first.

    Measurement A - Measure from one end of the cylinder to the middle of the central screw hole (e.g. 40mm).

    Measurement B – Measure from opposite end to middle of the central screw hole (e.g. 45mm).

    This is a 40/45 cylinder (85mm in length). However, you need to note which of these measurements relates to the external or internal dimension. The external dimension will be the one which is closest to the external face of the door.

    These measurements apply to all our cylinder locks and do not include the thumbturn activator as this is an extension to your cylinder (see picture below).