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Our experience reveals significant numbers of Irish residents who share a real and debilitating fear of break-in at their own home. We hope that visitors to this website who are affected in this way, and also those of you unfortunate enough to have already experienced a break-in, and now wish to prevent this re-occurring, will realise that utilising our services maximises the opportunity to do so.

While alarms and CCTV systems may be deterrents they do not keep burglars out of our homes. However, when combining strong doors, locks, windows and glazing (improved physical security) with alarms, we create a powerful defence that enables us to relax a little more.

Many of our homes provide little resistance to intruders and it is hoped that you will consider some of our suggestions that when applied will help towards protecting you against attack.

Remember, the more secure your home appears from the outside, the greater the chances are that potential burglars will move on -- and this helps us realise that it is mainly a combination of the small initiatives we take, that keep us safe.

One such initiative is our recent introduction of what we consider to be the most important security device available in Ireland for French Doors – The Burglarybuster 2 French Door Keyless Cuff Lock.

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Security Doors

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For details of our full range of security grilles see Security Grilles for Windows and Doors

OurZentry Safe Slider Anti-Lift Latch Lock(see video below) -- one of the most successful patio door locks available, prevents thieves from lifting the door off its rails. Patio Door Security

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