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About Us

"People want increased security in their homes and businesses and we are here to satisfy these needs"

Criminals are becoming more aggressive and in recent years we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the targeting of businesses and the homes of business owners.
Front, back and patio doors are particularly susceptible to attack and in most cases there is a lot more that can be done to protect loved-ones, property and assets by improving the physical security of the building. By physical security here we mean the critical strength of the physical barriers that protect us, especially of doors, windows and locks – as distinct from other non-physical barriers such as an alarm or CCTV system.

That so many doors and windows used in our buildings are not sufficiently strong to withstand aggressive attack is now accepted as a major factor contributing to our burglary epidemic and so we present a range of practical products including Zentry Security Doors for homes and businesses that are capable of withstanding such attacks.

At Burglarybusters we have listened attentively to what people want and have established the best range of products available on the European market to meet these needs, details of which you will find on this website.